How To Get Rid of Moss On Your Grass

How To Get Rid of Moss On Your Grass

How To Get Rid Of Moss On Your Lawn

Ahhh, spring in the northwest.

Blue sky finally starts making an appearance around Portland-like you see in this March 2014 picture from a yard we take care of in Happy Valley.

With blue sky above, the grass begins to grow and needs a first mow.

And then suddenly, as you look closer at that growing grass, you see it: some of that green on the lawn is actually moss!

How To Kill Moss On Your Grass

At Paradise Ground Maintenance we can get rid of moss for you, weather you live on a large lot in Lake Oswego or a small space in southeast Portland.

However, maybe you’re looking for tips on how you can do it yourself.

We always love the advice of Oregon State University Master Gardeners. Master Gardener Alec Kowalewski recommends “Potassium soap as well as sulfate products such as ferrous sulfate, iron sulfate and ammonium sulfate. These are all non-synthetic, environmentally friendly options,” he said. Apply by spot treating as soon as moss appears.

“Sulfur products such as these will lower the soil pH, making conditions acidic – but turfgrass does not like acidic conditions,” Kowalewski said. So an occasional application of lime, which will raise the pH, is recommended when you are making frequent sulfur applications.

If you decide to use a synthetic pesticide, Kowalewski recommends that gardeners choose products with carfentrazone as an active ingredient. Read labels and follow all safety precautions when using pesticides.

“It’s not a long-term cure,” Kowalewski said. “If you apply pesticides or other moss control products but you did not improve your turfgrass density or sunlight exposure, moss is going to come back next year. The most important factors to improve are sunlight, water and air movement.”

One way to improve how much light your lawn gets? Trim back tree branches or thin them out. And here at Paradise Ground Maintenance we’re happy to do that if you’d rather enjoy your northwest yard than work in it.

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