Portland Area Fall Lawn Care And Yard Maintenance Tips

Portland Area Fall Lawn Care And Yard Maintenance Tips

Portland had a record breaking summer in 2015 and the unusual number of hot days was hard on our lawns and landscaping.

Now with cooler weather coming more often you’ll notice the grass growing faster again in Oregon and Southwest Washington as things start to bounce back.

However, fall lawn and yard care takes hard work to make things their best before the rainy season and winter cold comes around.

Here are some things we do at Paradise Ground Maintenance for our yard care clients in the fall — regardless of whether they live in Bethany, Lake Oswego, Happy Valley or other parts of the Portland area.

✓ We care for the grass by fertilizing it to re-develop that nice deep green

✓ Our yard maintenance team overseeds bare or thin spots in the lawn

✓ We inspect all client lawns for signs of infestations, like Crane Fly

✓ Our maintenance team prunes shrubs and trees because this is the shape they will have all winter while they remain dormant

✓ Paradise Ground Maintenance does fall leaf removal, ivy removal & yard debris cleanup around PDX

✓ We prefer to aerate in the spring but if that was missed we do lawn aeration in the fall

These are our northwest fall lawn and yard maintenance tips. And if this just sounds like too much work to do yourself, we are happy to help. This includes planting new lawn from seed. Fall is the best time of year to do that.

And our teams generally have more time to build retaining walls or yard steps and other projects like that because the summer rush is over.

Thanks for stopping by the blog and enjoy the fall!

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