Top Ways To Improve Your Yard This Summer

Top Ways To Improve Your Yard This Summer

During our 11 years in business, we’ve noticed a trend among our landscape and yard service clients in places like Happy Valley, Lake Oswego, the Bethany area and throughout Portland metro. A trend that is increasing as life becomes even busier.

Easiest & Fastest Ways to Improve the Look of Your Yard

People are looking for the easiest and fastest ways to make a sudden improvement in the way their yard looks. “What would you suggest,” is how the conversation usually starts.

Well, here are the answers as our team of yard artists see it — the top things you can do to make your Portland area northwest yard look great.

1. Add a fresh 1-2” coat of barkdust or mulch. Barkdust gives your yard some color, creates a finished look that tells others you care about the way your yard looks and it typically slows down the takeover of weeds in the bedding areas of your yard. Also, barkdust and mulch close the loop on recycling.

Paradise Ground Maintenance will deliver bark dust and mulch, we will affordably spread barkdust and we can blow in barkdust if you have a larger yard. That option saves an incredible amount of time. Also, ask us about the kid and pet friendly ‘sliverless’ bark we offer. Their hands, feet or paws will thank you! Learn more about our Barkdust Services.

2. Build raised beds. We all understand the difference between a two dimensional photo or video and one that is made in 3D. Raised beds makes your yard 3D so they truly pop. Your plants and shrubs suddenly become more apparent, there is depth of scale created against your house and your yard is suddenly different than most others on your street. Here at Paradise Ground Maintenance we are experts at designing, placing and building raised beds. Let us know how we can help. This is also a top trick for adding curb appeal to sell your house, along with our one-time yard cleanup service in the Portland metro area.

3. Bring on the bright. Plant bright and colorful groups of flowers. Remember how you notice your neighbor’s Tulips that suddenly sprout up each spring? The color catches your eye. Let us help you add strategic amounts of color to your yard that is eye catching for everyone driving or walking past your Portland area home.

Do you have someone who is constantly looking for ways to make your yard the best it can be and also save you time so you can actually enjoy the yard?

Reach us through our Contact Us page and let us know how we can help. Paradise Ground Maintenance is your full service yard and landscape company.


Save time and have fun this summer – let us do the barkdust spreading for you!

We are a bark blower service that can bring in different kinds of bark dust and chips.
We offer great service at competitive prices.
Give us a call if you are wanting to freshen up your landscape with new bark!

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